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Validation of Shoulder Range of Motion

Shoulder range-of-motion (ROM) assessment is vital for the follow-up evaluation of operated patients and for the outcome-based research studies. The aim of this study was to investigate the accuracy and reliability of a remote on-screen application (app)-based method of shoulder ROM measurement through a telehealth medium.


Although the classic open Latarjet has a low recurrence rate in unstable shoulders, this advantage may be offset by the higher number of complications. We aimed to report the safety-driven nuanced steps and the resulting short-term complications of the Latarjet-Walch technique.


Skeletal Fluorosis with Thoracic Myelopathy - Report of 2 cases

To report 2 different presentations of thoracic myelopathy with ossification of ligamantum flavum (OLF) due to fluorosis.Different presentations and causes of myelopathy due to OLF should be recognized and treated. An unstable injury is very rare and should not be missed.

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Step by Step guide to set up 3D Printing services for Orthopaedic applications

This article is written with an aim to provide step-by-step instructions for setting up a cost-efficient 3D printing laboratory in an institution or standalone radiology centre. The article with the help of video modules will explain the key process of segmentation, especially the technique of edge detection and thresholding which are the heart of 3D printing. 


The primary purpose was: (1) to compare the coracoid graft resorption after the Latarjet procedure in patients without preoperative glenoid bone loss versus those with more than critical glenoid loss. The secondary purposes were (2) to compare the functional outcomes and (3) to investigate the association of graft position, angle of the screws, preoperative glenoid defect, age at surgery, and smoking status with the graft resorption.


Novel Method of Calculating Roof Arc Width

Roof arc angle (RAA) is determined by measuring angle between a vertical line drawn from center of the acetabulum towards the acetabular dome and a second line drawn from center of acetabulum to the fracture through the acetabulum.  The main purpose of the study is to calculate patient-specific angle and width for the better evaluation and management of acetabular fractures.

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Improvising the Surgical helmet - 3D Printed 

The aim of this paper is to describe the process of designing and developing a mould for filter placement via 3D printing on top of the surgical helmet. This mould was designed to affix a filter material on top of the helmet system for use during the COVID - 19 pandemic.

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