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Trauma & Arthroscopy Surgeon

M.S Orthopaedics

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Dr. Shah is an Orthopaedic surgeon practicing in Mumbai. After completing his masters in Orthopaedics from Mangalore, India.

 Dr. Shah has gained further experience at the prestigious King Edward Memorial Hospital. He has also gained experience in the field of Arthroscopy and Sports medicine under the guidance of stalwarts of arthroscopic surgery like Dr. Nagraj Shetty, Dr. Dipit Sahu and Dr. Deepak Bhatia.

Dr. Shah has published several articles in prestigious journals and has also authored chapters in various Orthopaedic books. Feel free to e-mail Dr. Shah for any queries that you may have.

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Fracture treatment, cast, plaster, fracture, broken bone

Fracture Management

knee injuries, arthroscopy, sports injuries


orthopaedic treatment, fracture, plaster, pop, cast



Mr. Saxena

Doctors like Darshil Shah are changing the complete dynamics and perception of the industry they belong. Be it having a right grip on the subject, or making the patient comfortable or gaining a trust, he excel in all above. Thanks to him for handling my 7 year daughter fracture so smoothly, and being just a phone call away. He had set the benchmarks so high, that even for the recommendation of doctors related to other specialization we go to him, to find the like one's.

Mr. Kamdar

Dr Darshil’s diagnostic capabilities are par excellence. I suddenly had a terrible pain in my wrist on Friday evening & I dreaded to think how bad my weekend could be. One phone call to Dr Darshil & I was sorted. He knew exactly what my problem was - gave me immediate relief by instructing me to put my hand in tynor wrist brace and start ice packs. By Monday I was perfectly fine. God bless you Dr Darshil

Mr. Savani

I was introduced to Dr darshil Shah for my AVN issue by my physiotherapist Meherzad and I had an online consultation with him. He saw my reports and told me exactly what the issue is. He was extremely polite and explained me everything in detail. I got a complete picture of the issues I was going through thus putting all my doubts. When I was consulting him my dad asked some questions and without any hesitation he repeated the full problem again. After a few days my mom had an issue and I took an appointment in the hospital. They went and he told her what the issue was and cleared all her doubts. It's very rare in today's times a Dr so courteous and willing to explain the patient the issue in detail. In this world where people are just intrested in making just money not bothering about the patient and their families. We all were extremely happy with him and wish he remains the same and there is no doubt he is going to reach greater heights. Wish him the very best always.

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